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You can read about my motivation for this trip as well as some of the planning required to understand how I've arrived at my decisions. (Drink! has a lot to do with it.)

Whilst I'm away I won't be updating a journal (which will come later). I fully appreciate the efforts of the three (no, seriously, three) people who confessed to following my round the world journal "live" but the effort it required to maintain was heroic/foolish/exaggerated. (It was a lot of effort, though.)

Instead, I've cobbled together some Heath Robinson combination of GPRS modem, stuff lying around, specialised cable off ebay, some software I found on the net and some dodgy personally hacked software, to allow me to send text messages to a magic phone number to update the News feed with some regular apercu [1].

So, put the News' RSS feed on your list of Quality Reading or regularly pop back to the News page so see what's happening live. I'd like to think I post a daily update at least (a "this is where I am tonight", if nothing else). But it does depend on a mobile phone signal. And an agreement between O2 and some more colourful nations.

I am very pleased to be able to say that I was able to conclude a last minute sponsorship deal with Wight Outdoors.


I've uploaded pictures as country-ish albums:

[1]My Mac's dictionary suggests "a comment or brief reference that makes an illuminating or entertaining point" but online dictionaries are pushed to suggest the same (though they will eventually). Not sure, but I like the word, so it stays.

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