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End Of The Line

Sorry about the delay for a final travel note, I was waylaid by friends.


I cleared a path through household furniture and placed a chair on a coffee table to be able to climb over the TV to be able to stand on the shelving at the back of the lockup to be able to reach over to the other side of the lockup where, on top of an 8ft high rear wall, the tyre was cunningly placed. Much easier than I thought. I pulled a rear tyre out as well as it's of a more durable compound than the knobbly.

Replacing them took much longer than expected though we did spend some time trying to find the leak in the inner tube. Our efforts resulted in no evidence of a leak. The rear tyre went down overnight as per usual.

We also had a go at drilling out the sheared off bolt which was going extremely well until the drill bit snapped as it seemed CH was going in at something of an angle. The thread cutting bit subsequently didn't do a lot either, the hole was buggered. We solved the problem with the judicious placement of a bolt round the back.

On replacing the racking I then found that a bracket, for the hand grips, normally welded to the subframe was spinning freely as I tightened the bolt. It looks like it's been like that for some time as it's rusted (not that that takes long). There's a small hole in the subframe too. Oh dear.


That done I've trundled back up here to The Wirral and so have a final mileage for the trip, door to door (albeit different doors):

  • The trip itself has been 63727km (or 39829 miles)
  • The bike has travelled 95365km (or 59603 miles) in its 3 years and a month.

I suppose (had I been looking at the trip counter) I could have found and extra 273km somewhere to get a nice round figure but, as we all know, 63727 is just as unique and special as 64000. I like it.

And Finally

A word of thanks to you all for keeping with me and sharing, however vicariously, the joys and rigours of overland travel. It wasn't me who won £100M on the lottery the other day (you must be physically present in the UK to enter!) so, rather tiresomely, I have to resign myself to the daily grindstone and set about, as many people would describe, doing something useful with my life.

Until the next time!


I'll post the odd extra news page as bike/travel related activities are settled: the MOT, carnet paperwork (there's £500 in it for me!), when the pictures have been uploaded, perhaps even any insightful comments on the speed awareness course (a week on Wednesday). That sort of thing but the travel for this trip is over.

Thank you for reading.

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