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SMS: Mon 13:52

SMS Update for Monday, 01 November, 2010 13:52

Monday, 01 November, 2010 13:52

Currently at lat/long: n26 55.695 e75 47.547

Sajjan Niwas,Jaipur,IN. 19:25. The first half of the road seemed all stop start with lots of petty disturbances. The second half took just as long but felt a lot more open just the dual lanes of slow vehicles to avoid. Welll tilled fields with narrow grass strips separating and trees dotted about the flat landscape then more trees further south and the odd hill. Took 1.5hrs to cross J. (in the dark)! Rajasthan rather chilly on the way in, 25C :), doesn't bode well for coming back through in a couple of months

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