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SMS: Wed 01:38

SMS Update for Wednesday, 08 December, 2010 01:38

Wednesday, 08 December, 2010 01:38

Currently in Bhubaneshwar,Orissa,IN

07:07. Rain. Lots of rain. For those not following sub-continental weather, tropical depressions/cyclones/whatever have been battering the SE coast of IN for weeks. In Tamil Nadu, hundreds have died, schools closed, half the place is under water. I was hoping it might have stopped then that I might get one more dry day. I'm trying to get to Chennai for this w/e before yet more of my ex-FTEL friends jet off (perhaps I should take the hint :) ). 1253km to go! A bomb went off at Varanasi last night. From the cameras' focus it seems to be exactly where I was stood a few weeks ago watching the same ceremony (before I got bored and left).

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