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SMS: Wed 14:26

SMS Update for Wednesday, 27 October, 2010 14:26

Wednesday, 27 October, 2010 14:26

Currently at lat/long: n31 6.220 e77 9.145

Spars Lodge,Shimla,IN. 19:00. Twisty-turney all the way today apart from a short bit S of Manli where you had to weave thru the traffic anyway. If you want the authentic mntn goat track experience try the Himachal Pradesh National Highways. All of them (NH20 E to Manli, 21 S to Bishapur(?), 88 E to Shimla) shrink to too narrow for white lines then single track with varying amounts of tarmac obviously including none. Hopefully Google will show how twisty they are, I've averaged 35kph in the moontains. It's a good job I left early today! Buses are the worst-nightmare!

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