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SMS: Fri 14:21

SMS Update for Friday, 24 June, 2011 14:21

Friday, 24 June, 2011 14:21

Currently at lat/long: n29 58.640 e78 12.885

Chilla Tourist Rest House,Chilla,Uttarakhand,IN


I've glugged 2+ltr of water on the bike today, just polished off two lime flavoured victuals and about to start on a delicious looking masala chai. It is hot!

I'm in the little hut 2nd from the end today (if there's a decent satellite picture-that's a dam/turbine over the road, the shift change siren went off at 5 when I arrived) where I bravely battled the mossies with the bucket and scoop "shower" before resoaking myself in sweat trying to wash today's clothes. The "air-con" (I never use AC anymore, a fan is more acclimatising) is an external box with a big fan blowing over the surface of a foamy water pool. I assume the foam is disinfectant to kill mossies etc. otherwise it's just blowing Legionnaires into the room, surely.

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