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SMS: Thu 15:00

SMS Update for Thursday, 21 October, 2010 15:00

Thursday, 21 October, 2010 15:00

Currently at lat/long: n31 33.923 e74 18.258

Amer Hotel,Lahore,PK. 18:50. "Lahore, Lahore!" Apparently. The Multan-Lahore road is good (until L.) but Bahawalpur traffic is directed to L. on the Lodhran-Khanewal single carriageway road which isn't but at least consistently isn't so you don't get your hopes up. I could do about 75kph tops, trucks were stuck at 35. It took me well over 2hrs for the 100-odd km and they would have taken far longer. The other road must be awful. Finally been asked "Why are you fighting in Muslim countries?" by someone who promptly walked off. The translator was the guard holding a rifle so I felt obliged to answer. He'd been in the PK Army and worked alongside the British so I think I was safe. Amer Hotel not wasted any money on updates since the book entry was written but the price is low too. Should scrape through on remaining PK Rupees.

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