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SMS: Mon 16:00

SMS Update for Monday, 04 July, 2011 16:00

Monday, 04 July, 2011 16:00

Currently at lat/long: n31 38.076 e74 52.130

Grand Hotel, Amritsar, Punjab, IN

20:30 31C

Two dull days riding with constant reminders of the worst of Indian driving. 10hrs and a mere 5hrs today.

No threat of rain here though it's chucked it down in the afternoon the last couple.

Recognised by the hotel staff!

Not sure if I'll be through the border tomorrow or the next day or the next. Must be in Gilgit on Sun night.

GPS reports descending 21m in 64m forwards at the top of that horrible road! Only a 400m drop into the valley, mind, so call me a big fat fibber if you will. Pics only show view into valley not the worst of the road. No Internet to upload.

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