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SMS: Tue 14:20

SMS Update for Tuesday, 28 December, 2010 14:20

Tuesday, 28 December, 2010 14:20

Currently at lat/long: n23 1.736 e72 34.647

Hotel Host Inn,Ahmedabad,Gujarat,IN. 19:50. A surprisingly good road N though very busy with trucks. Plenty of slaloming to bypass trucks overtaking trucks at 49kph. The atmospherics are back sp haven't seen much other than that cultivation is back-as are camels! Ahmedabad (pronounced Amenabad-no Islamic khch sound) isn't a beautiful city. As I looped over the bridge having missed a turn I noted that Le Meridien (posh hotel) overlooks shanty houses on the river banks. Hotels are also v. expensive for reasons unknown.

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