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SMS: Sun 10:32

SMS Update for Sunday, 26 December, 2010 10:32

Sunday, 26 December, 2010 10:32

Currently at lat/long: n18 32.486 e73 53.255

Hotel Surya Villa,Pune,Maharashtra,IN. 16:00. My man reappeared and charged me another R80 off his meter! I tried the hotel opposite the 'sex guru's' gaff but it was full of maroon clad devotees some of whom didn't look like they'd lost the plot and a sweaty EU person who seemed to have lost his luggage and was reduced to a pair of uncomfortably tight shorts. I felt uncomfortable, at least. I've forgotten to mention the C's a very nice Indian family who rescued me from a chaotic rest. last night and bought me my Xmas curry. As a neurosurgeon for 16yrs in the UK he can't afford to sell his Belfast home to buy something in Mumbai! He's reduced to living with his parents and the rest of the family are renting back in the UK.

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