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SMS: Sun 14:10

SMS Update for Sunday, 26 June, 2011 14:10

Sunday, 26 June, 2011 14:10

Currently at lat/long: n32 15.799 e77 11.271

Hotel Arohi,Vashisht,Manali


It rained all morning until my hands went purple from the dye in my gloves and the GPS was waterlogged and switched off. Fortunately the roadsigns were good as I couldn't read my map thru the w/proof bag either.

The conditions are such that the flooding river had an eerie layer of fog over most rapids (ie. most of the river)-some of which were being run. It looked far too (cold and) dangerous. Grade 5 just getting in!

As the first snow-topped peaks appeared thru the mist 10km back the GPS staggered back into life (phew!).

Manali also full but a spot of luck getting the last room in this nice little place overlooking the valley.

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