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Hotelnet: Sun 23:15

The advantage of beeru is that is makes your off the cuff decision making that little bit quicker. The disadvantage is that you've just made some decisions whilst tipsy if not drunk.

So, the headlines for those who care: Bhutan: 6 nights ending 20/11; Chennai arriving c. 12/12; Tiger Reserve (Satpura) between Xmas and New Year.

Here's the approximate plan:

wk w/e  
1 31/10 Himachal Pradesh and down to Delhi
2 7/11 Delhi - Jaipur - Agra and up to Uttarakhand
3 14/11 Uttar Pradesh and onto West Bengal
4 21/11 Bhutan
5 28/11 Northern States (permits depending)
6 5/12 Bangladesh (dependent on visa) and Kalkota
7 12/12 Kalkota down to Chennai
8 19/12 Chennai and down to the southern tip
9 26/12 Up to Mumbai
10 2/1 Into the Tiger reserve (Satpura)
11 9/1 Into Rajestan
12 16/1 Fight with Delhi Customs to secure the bike and fly home

The astute will note I've added two weeks to my trip already!

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