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Update: Sun 20:10

A couple of additional thoughts and corrections.

It is, of course, the Town Hall they play the sound and light show against in the main square in the old town. Big building, tall spire, no windows (that's the key) must be the town hall.

Having kept themselves busy until 1am my neighbours down the corridor had visitors at 3am. The sort of visitors who are too drunk or stupid to realise after the third time of knocking on the door that no-one is going to answer and so knock again.

When Estonia switched to the Euro at the start of the year they must have made a big thing of it as the guy at the coffee shop yesterday had a special folder with per-Euro-country pages with a plastic slot for each type of coin. I'd never noticed on Euro coins that they have country specific variations as well as specials I noted from promptly rummaging in my pocket to help his numismatology.

One thing I was fearing about Tallinn was the throngs of stag (and hen?) parties from Britain coursing through the streets twixt beery pub and sex show. Not so, or not last night at any rate. There were plenty of British accents including one group in the restaurant with a plethora of "thank you very much"s at every opportunity. I heard myself in there.

Sunday, 25 September

A gentle day today ambling about mostly in the Old Town in the pleasant sunshine (take note, Russia: sunshine). Much of it less old than the medieval highlights but old and pretty enough. There's claims on most of the buildings that they date back to medieval times but the buildings don't look medieval. Perhaps they've simply spruced up the outside and the inside is still much more crude. They've made plenty of effort to keep the visitor informed with audio guide points labelled and plaques in Estonian(?) and English on any interesting building or alley.

Back at the ranch I started musing on where to go tomorrow (still undecided) and remembered to check up on the state of play in Belarus. It's looking very much like I'm not going there. They seem reluctant to give a visa on the border to anyone including people transiting. It's hard to argue that you require to transit Belarus when any casual glance at a map says you can run round the corner through Poland without breaking much of a sweat.

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