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SMS: Wed 14:15

SMS Update for Wednesday, 03 November, 2010 14:15

Wednesday, 03 November, 2010 14:15

Currently in Bharatpur,Rajasthan,IN

19:45. As I noted to the man, we saw more on the way out between the two checkpoints than we did in the core of the park. That might be as there's claimed to be a tiger here who rocked up from Ranthambore. It's been here so long the warnings are neatly painted. That doesn't seem to stop the tourists cycling off into the distance. That said it took a D tourist to spot a female tiger skeleton in the park so there could be anything here. IN hasn't covered itself in glory on the tiger watch front. The plan is to have a cycle about at dawn-all that requires is getting up! Bike hire (fixed gear which might suit some) is R25 for 6hrs. The daughter here aged 8 is determinedly Rajasthani and not Indian. Also very good at inventing games not so good about explaining the rules.

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