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SMS: Sat 17:22

SMS Update for Saturday, 01 January, 2011 17:22

Saturday, 01 January, 2011 17:22

Currently in Mount Abu,Rajasthan,IN

22:50. It is Saraswati, of course, the sort of transposition that probably means I've insulted someone's mother. Having gone to the market side of the polo (read: waste) ground away from the forest of hotels I rather warmed to the place. I hesitate to say charming but maybe the Indian inclination to noise, hustle and litter was subdued by the (relative) cold leaving a colourful combination of tourist tat and working market town. Back in time to see a couple of sublime 2nd half passes by SG to let LFC scrape a rare win these days. Hot water 7-11am! Not had a power cut for a while.

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