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SMS: Sun 14:21

SMS Update for Sunday, 31 October, 2010 14:21

Sunday, 31 October, 2010 14:21

Currently at lat/long: n28 38.616 e77 14.487

Hotel Atithi,New Delhi,IN. 19:45. I would say that AK, JK and AM remain unchanged but no-one including himself could deny that AK has added "a couple of pounds" (and lost the highlights). Everyone is tickety-boo and it's very nice to see them again-just like being in Brum. A total hotel FU. I expected I might be shifted and to a more expensive room but not a different hotel (albeit considerably cheaper) in a less salubrious area, if possible. Hard to say if there are fewer people sleeping in the street as there are fewer lights in the rubble-strewn blocked off road. Only the one urinating in the street. Inside the hotel's fine! Separate guv depts buying 1/2pg ads in the paper in memoriam Indira Ghandi. Is that legal or a good use of taxpayers money?

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