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SMS: Fri 16:07

SMS Update for Friday, 22 July, 2011 16:07

Friday, 22 July, 2011 16:07

Currently at lat/long: n42 9.508 e77 10.345

Zina's B&B, Kaji-Sai, KGZ

21:05 23C

A plate of (salted) cuc&tom salad, a plate of bread, a bowl of noodle soup, a laden plate of thumping ch. leg and potatos, onions, carrot. The soup and main with excessive dill (thanks for the heads-up, B). I didn't finish but didn't feel guilty unlike at Tash Rabat where I felt I was eating their own food.

Then a plate of (yellow) cherries from the garden which is heaving with apricots, cherries (red as well), apples, blackcurrant, raspberries as well as veggies. Then there's the menagerie!

The two eagles look a little sad in their cages. There's one less rabbit in their cage since I took a photo...

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