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SMS: Sat 13:26

SMS Update for Saturday, 01 January, 2011 13:26

Saturday, 01 January, 2011 13:26

Currently at lat/long: n24 35.312 e72 42.667

Hotel Sarawastri,Mount Abu,Rajasthan,IN. 18:55. The NH8 has been very good and very quiet. I was limited to 90kph for a while as DHBTBA (the plank of wood) kept exhibiting hitherto unexpected aerofoil properties in its current side-of-pannier location. Eventually I found a spare loop of bungee. I was trying to get to Udaipur but it's just too far. I stopped in Palanpur but I couldn't see anything so was going to find somewhere on the road (there is the occaisional hotel (ie. food) & lodging combo) but kept seeing ads for Mount Abu which someone had said I must visit. Not hugely impressed so far but I was mostly looking at the road. It's about 15C now but they report it was -3.4C last night!

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