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The 2010 trip only required three visas up front (Iran, Pakistan and India) and visas for other places could be gotten en route (Turkey, Bhutan, Bangladesh).

This time there's more visas required complicated by many visas only being valid for a month. Remember that the validity of a visa tells you by when you have to turn up at the border, the duration of a visa is how long you can then spend in the country, a period which can extend beyond the end of the visa's validity, ie. you can turn up at the border on the last day of a visa's validity then spend the next 30 days mooching about the country.

I think I referenced this for my RTW trip but rediscovered it again, the World Travel Guide site is a wealth of (as up to date as you can hope) information for travelers.

The visas listed here are single-entry unless noted otherwise (last updated 15/3/2011).

  visa reqd? cost £ duration validity post/ consulate processing time notes
India Yes 30 + 9.24 (VFS) 180 days 180 days VFS (London) 3 days India Consulate VFS (In)
Nepal Yes 20 (multiple entry) 15 6 months post/border? 2 days Nepal Consulate
Pakistan Yes 102 per request 6 months London (twice) 5 days Pakistan Consulate
China Yes 30 + 36 per request 3 months post 4 days China Consulate China Visa Application
Kyrgyzstan Yes 60 1 month 3 months post 3 days Kyrgyzstan Consulate
Tajikstan [1] Yes 60/80 + 50 GBOA (Pamir Highway) 14/30 days 30 days London n/k Tajikistan Consulate
Uzbekistan Yes 43 7 days n/k post n/k Uzbekistan Consulate
Kazakhstan Yes 35 single entry n/k London 3 days Kazakhstan Consulate
Russia [1] Yes 45 + 26.40 (VFS) single entry 30 days VFS (London) 7 days Russia Consulate VFS (Ru)
Estonia No            
Latvia No            
Lithunia No            
Belarus Yes 50 (transit)     border?    
Ukraine No            
Moldova No            
Poland No            
[1](1, 2) I have been advised by the consulate to get the visa en route as the validity is too short to be useful if applied for in the UK.

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