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Centre Stand

The XT660R doesn't come with a centre stand. A centre stand isn't strictly necessary though I thought it would make life much easier for changing a wheel. So I bought the SW Motech centre stand (carefully checking it would fit with the Metal Mule bash plate.

Here, I'm a bit divided. In order that I could fit it, I had to drop the bike on its side and fiddle about. You might realise at this point that if the bike is on its side then the wheels are readily accessible for repair. It's true. If there was a serious weight issue then you might forget the centre stand.

However, with only one of you about having the wheel drop a couple of inches vertically (and only require lifting on the toe of your boot a couple of inches vertically seems like something of a godsend.

Sold. By Metal Mule.

Air Filter

I've bought a DNA stage 1 air filter. This gets a very good press on the forums as it lets lots of air through (compared to the stock paper filter) thus allowing the engine to breathe and have a bit more power. Well, it does if you tweak a few settings and add a PowerCommander and...

However, much more important for me is that the DNA filter is washable. Not quite in the soap and water sense but by using the cleaning gloop, a warm water rinse then applying more oil the filter is re-usable. Which avoids the need to carry a spare.

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