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MX-ish Bits

Folding Gear Lever

The idea is that as you ride along you ride quite close to rocks. Rocks which you hit and they bend things like soft sticky-out gear levers. So, have the sticky-out bit of the gear lever bend. Brilliant!

More bling from Off The Road.

They could do with doing the same for the brake lever...

Pivot Pegz

Proper MX foot pegs are like bicycle foot pegs (like one half of a bear trap) rather than the smooth round bar of an ordinary motorbike foot peg. However, MX foot pegs are fixed and as you go over undulations stood up on the pegs you'll be variously stood on the front or the back edge of the pegs which seems to defeat the point.

Then someone invented Pivot Pegz (which I bought from Off The Road). Brilliant!

Bar Risers

If you're going to be stood up a lot (intend to be stood up a lot!) and you're tall the handlebars will seem a long way down which isn't good for your bad back.

More from Off The Road.


The word on the street is that the stock steel handlebars are a bit soft. The chances are quite high that the bike will be dropped a lot so we can replace the stock bars with some shiny Renthals because everyone says they're brill.

In particular, the Dakar High from B&C Express (although they don't seem to do them any more if you select an XT as your bike -- they're all the same though).

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